SPGroup story

SPGroup is one of the largest private financial groups in the Czech Republic. Its exclusive owner, Pavel Sehnal, is the 49th richest Czech businessman, according to the prestigious magazine Forbes. At the same time, according to a survey conducted by Medea Research, one of the three most reputable billionaires in the Czech Republic.

SPGroup was founded in 1995 as a holding company with a registered capital of CZK 1 billion. At present it brings together more than 50 companies from different business areas and manages assets worth CZK 5.3 billion. The most important areas of activity include finance, energy, industry, development, exhibition and hotel industry.

The group’s strategy consists in investing in various industries to maximize the return on the investment, either a newly created business or the purchase of an existing one. The most important values of society are the will to win, honesty, responsibility and decisiveness.

Among the most important achievements of Pavel Sehnal as an entrepreneur during the operation of SPGroup is the construction of two insurance companies and aquapark completely from scratch. In 2005, Česká podnikatelská pojišťovna was sold as the 7th largest insurance company in the Czech Republic to the Austrian group VIG. Aquapalace Prague today is one of the largest water parks in Europe and after Prague Castle is the second most visited place in Prague.

The most important charitable project of the SPGroup is the building of the National Note Archive. The aim is to collect and digitize the note records of all important compositions of Czech and Slovak artists and thus their preservation for future generations. Pavel Sehnal, who is himself an active athlete, also supports blind athletes.

SPGroup is the main sponsor of the newly restored right-wing political party Občanská demokratická strana, which is fighting for better conditions for businessmen and tradesmen.

As an employer, SPGroup puts emphasis on the good working environment of its employees, for their needs, they are building modern dining canteens, cafes and internet corners. It offers its employees a wide range of career opportunities and space for personal development. It requires, on the contrary, to respect the values of society and the spirit of the team. This is why the time spent in SPGroup is two times higher than the average in the Czech Republic.